“She Sculpts the Spirit of the Animal”

That’s what many people feel has happened when they are viewing a piece by Laura. Whether a commissioned portrait of a companion animal or just one of the many “wild souls” that have touched her, each piece has a personality and mood that gives the viewer a strong sense of the inner animal.

Dressage horse by wool sculpture artist Laura C. Frazier

Each piece begins with the essence of another animal as every sculpture is 100% wool raised by Laura and her family. A thin wire armature is sculpted to support the shape or structure. What you see is between two and sixteen ounces of wool that has been dry felted with thousands of insertions by hand of a special needle.  As the shape is formed, the wool becomes more compressed and holds that shape.  Some pieces are tight and hard from this compression.  Others are still soft enough to be dented by a gentle squeeze. But all are works in procress until Laura feels they have the life and essence of the animal that she wants to share with the viewer.

If you would like to experience this lifelike transformation of wool and fiber into art then go to the blog page to find out where Laura may be showing her sculptures.  To view more of Laura’s sculptures visit on the galleries pages. If you have an idea for a commission of your favorite animal then go the commissions page to learn how it works and let Laura know what you desire.