Nov 132012

Spinning is something I do to relax and because I just love the idea of making my own yarns from my sheep and the wool I have rescued or gotten from folks who have fiber animals they love, but don’t want the fiber. It’s nice to sit with my family in the den as they watch something on the tube and spin away. I love feeling the fiber in its fluffiness, and as it slides through my fingers and later admire the skeins’ feel and beauty. Some of them even feel beautiful!

Left to Right: Single ply Dorset dyed with Goldenrod, Two-ply Dorset dyed with Goldenrod, Two-ply Dorset dyed with Dahlia, Single-ply Grey Suffolk over dyed with Brazil Wood, Single-ply Thick & Thin Jacob dyed with all three.

These are plant dyes I brought home from the Natural Dye Day put on by a local fiber guild. I’ve been waiting for the right time to dye! They will all be for sale except the Thick & Thin Jacob that was dyed with all three colors. I want to play with that myself. A scarf to sell, perhaps. In addition to these yarns, I have Shetland, Llama and Llama/Alpaca blend.

This is the last weekend of the Old Salem Farmers Market, but I will have yarns available at Krankies Craft Fair, December 14th & 15th.

Max the Maine Coon Cat is probably waiting until I leave so he can lay in these skeins!

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  1. Really nice skeins, Laura. I wish I could have more days to spend doing this. Maybe one day I will. What were the plants the dyes came from?

  2. Susan, Under the first photo, I list the plant materials so you can see the colors with them. Dahlia, Goldenrod and Brazil Wood.

    Surely you’ll retire from your 8-5 one day, eh?

    Thanks for your comments!

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