Exhibiting Member of Piedmont Craftsmen in Winston-Salem, NC

Here are a few words from some of my customers.

I just want you to know that we took my sister-in-law out for dinner and presented “Blue” to her after we ordered. She was just amazed. She took away the tissue paper and took him out and just stared. Finally she said, “That’s *Blue*! How did you ever…?” She absolutely loved your work, as did our waitress. My sister-in-law said, “Look we have a dog on our table,” and immediately the waitress wanted your contact info, which I wrote down for her. Don’t be surprised if she calls – or if my sister-in-law’s coworkers do, because she’s taking “Blue” to work to show him around to everyone.  Thanks again! – Kate Maloy, NC


We love our Little Friday. He is so lifelike it is hard to believe he isn’t real. The detail is incredible. We plan to put him in a glass box with a truffle orchard picture in the background when he isn’t riding around in the car with us. Thank you so much for this application of your artistic genius and our incredible creation. – Jane Morgan Smith, NC

I am the proud owner of several Frazier Felt pieces, my most recent being a fabulous Honey Badger v Cobra locked in mortal combat. I provided only broad outlines for the piece, and I was THRILLED with the way it came out. I keep it in my office where it makes me smile every day. – Jim Toole, NC

Laura’s Felt Figure of Zoey was indescribably amazing! She has never seen Zoey, and I tried to send multiple pictures showing the dog’s distinctive markings, but Zoey is not a cooperative subject to photograph, so the photos were not as descriptive as I had hoped. Hence, I wrote Laura several messages using words to describe what I wanted. I had complete faith in her, but I also knew that she didn’t have much to work with descriptively. Well, when we got the package, we were blown away by how realistic the felt Zoey was in comparison to the actual Zoey. What makes the sculpture so extra special is, not only are her features accurate, but felt Zoey’s facial expression is exactly like real-life Zoey’s curious expression. Laura must be very intuitive because her sculpture of Zoey looks so real, I keep glancing over to the shelf to see if it has bounded away, yet. – Angelina McLain, WA

As you can imagine we are absolutely THRILLED with our sculpture of Blake’s very favorite Jacob ewe lamb from 2010, Parfait.  I ordered this for him as a Christmas surprise and when he opened it, he had the most wonderful expression of joy on his face!  He just could not believe it.  You did an amazing job.  The likeness is superb!  I don’t know how you do it!?!  Our Parfait miniature is displayed with great pride in a 1800′s cabinet.  She is front row center at eye level for all to see and admire.  Thank you again for making Blake’s Christmas so very special!!! – Shari Staines, GA


I ordered a sea turtle for a friend as a gift in that she collects turttles.  I thought it awesome and so does she.  She keeps it by her computer so she can talk with it daily.  It holds a lot of meaning for  her.  None of her other turtles get daily conversations. – Linda McLain, GA