Jun 282015
AgVentures TTFC sign

I’m grateful to these two organizations for funding my projects!


Suffolk wool prior to washing.

As much as 350 to 400 pounds of wool wait in bags and sheets at FarmGirl Arts. Some have been waiting an entire year, others just since spring shearing. What have these pounds of wool been waiting on? Equipment!! The wait is over!

Thanks to a generous grant from NC AgVentures and NC Tobacco Trust Foundation, I can now process my own wool in-house rather than shipping it thousands of miles for processing! So exciting.


2015-06-24 00.22.53

Patrick Green Triple Picker

This Triple Picker opens the fleece up to prepare it for the carder. If this wasn’t done, the carder could be damaged by tangled locks and vegetable matter.

2015-06-24 00.22.06

Pat Green Supercard. Electronic carder.

From jumbled clouds of picked fleece to lovely batts and roving ready for spinning!


Genius Machine! Makes carding wool a pleasure!


Just look at this lovely batt of carded Suffolk/Leicester wool.


So uniform and without tangles and clumps!


6 oz of heaven ready to spin!


In addition to the wool processing equipment, the grant covered the purchase of six 164′ lengths of electronet fencing. I have to use this to graze 3.5 acres of land my neighbors loan me. It was once tobacco land. Now I use rotational grazing to keep it and my sheep healthy. With the addition of this fencing and two fence chargers, I can now open gates from one paddock to another rather than moving fence each time. Save my back, time and money!! I’m not getting any younger.

2015-06-24 00.07.41

Four adjacent paddocks for my Icelandic and Finnsheep ewes and lambs.


Separate paddock for my Finnsheep ram and his wether friend.