Aug 202013
Dressage Horse (Totilas) Finished

While these are not the professional photos, I just couldn’t wait to show “Dressage Horse” to you. As usual, there are no interior armatures. It is 100% homegrown wool. (18″ L x 11″ H) It’s been nearly a year since I began this investigation into action, detail and size of the horse. Working on this … Read more.

Apr 222013
Venus of Belews Creek

  I received an invitation to make a piece of art for the “March Into Spring” exhibition at The Enrichment Center in Winston-Salem NC (up through May 10th). I have studied female imagery in art and mythology for several decades now and was interested in attempting to sculpt a human body in wool. I love the pregnant … Read more.

Mar 212013
New Sculptures: Dogs Dressed in Black

While sculpting black animals is easy enough, photographing black needle felted sculptures of dogs is not. Dylan Ducket is almost a year old. Standard Poodle with lots of expression.  I was asked to get the upward looking eyes. I used some of his real fur for the exterior coat treatment.   This is Zoo. The … Read more.

Feb 182013
New Needle Felted Sculpture: Kiwi the Australian Shepherd!

Meet Kiwi. He’s a lovable, sweet, energetic and smart Australian Shepherd owned by Marguerite Ostreicher’s son. This young man is attending college and misses Kiwi very much. So Marguerite had me sculpt Kiwi in wool as a Xmas gift for her son so he could have Kiwi with him.  Kiwi has a favorite toy: a … Read more.

Feb 042013
A Tiger in Her Tank!!

A lovely woman commissioned me to sculpt a sitting tiger for her daughter who attends Colorado College. The mascot is a tiger. I was excited and somewhat daunted. All those stripes!! Plus her daughter and husband are both artists and she is quite the art connoisseur herself! The pressure was on. I gathered a few photos … Read more.

Jan 072013
Happy 2013!! Treat yourself to a FarmGirl Arts Wall Calendar!!!

This is the Cover of the 2013 FarmGirl Arts Animal Sculptures in Wool Calendar. I chose some of my best photographed sculptures to feature. Order yours now at:  

Dec 102012
Holy Cow!!!

This is Yam. She’s a special cow who was friend to Cheryl Ferguson of Plum Granny Farm in Stokes County. She lived a very wholesome and luxurious life until her untimely death by dogs. I was asked by Ray Teugle, Cheryl’s husband, to sculpt a portrait of Yam for Cheryl’s birthday. I did my best … Read more.

Nov 132012
A Day to Dye For!!

Spinning is something I do to relax and because I just love the idea of making my own yarns from my sheep and the wool I have rescued or gotten from folks who have fiber animals they love, but don’t want the fiber. It’s nice to sit with my family in the den as they … Read more.

Nov 062012
Dressage Horse Sculpture: Long Term Project Update

This is my most exciting sculpture project, because I not only love to look at horses, but I owned, showed and bred horses for years in my teens and 20’s. I feel that I know the energy and body of horses so deeply, like my own skin and muscles, because of all the time I … Read more.