Sep 172012
Client Photos of My Sculptures

Sometimes my clients send me photos of my sculptures they commissioned or were given. Here are three. This is the real Seymour with my sculpture of him. “Who’s this guy trying to fool?” My first elephant, Matriarch, is standing tall among the other elephants in a collection in New York. Here is my son Josh’s … Read more.

Aug 212012
He's a Handsome Cat!

This is Seymour. He was commissioned by an artist friend of mine for her mother.   He’s an older fella now and very sophistiCatted. So my friend wished to have him honored before his passing. He wears lovely gloves and stockings, even around the house! The sculpture is much larger than I usually make (3.5 – … Read more.

Jul 102012
The Beginnings of a Horse Sculpture

The above photo is of world champion dressage horse Totilas from Germany. I have LOVED horses since I was 4 or 5 when I put the word “horse” together with the animal. The feeling could not be squelched no matter what my parents tried. I wore out all the knees in my pants by crawling … Read more.

Jun 252012
Riley the Wheaton Terrier!

This is a commission for a birthday present of the family dog, Riley. It was very hard to simulate Riley’s coat. I used some of his fur and mixed in llama fiber.

Jun 112012
Elephant Family Love!

Mama Elephant and her two calves! These were commissioned by a woman in San Diego from my Etsy site. Big Mama is about 8″ tall x 10″ long. I used 12 ounces of our Suffolk Sheep’s wool to make her and it took about 70 hours.  Her calves were around 3.5″ tall x 5.5 – … Read more.

Jun 062012
Since it is FARMgirl Arts, here are some FARM photos!

This is Stoney Meadow Deva. In her 2 months, she has grown 4 inches of soft curly fleece!! She’s an Icelandic sheep and will need shearing twice a year. How cool is that. Well, it’s “cool” for me, but warm to hot for her!  She’s a real sweet heart. Her color is called “Grey Moorit, … Read more.

Apr 302012
 Needle Felted Elephant Mama and Adolescent Baby

Mother Elephant has been finished for a week or so. She is 14 inches long and 6.25 inches tall  (34 cm x 15.5 cm) and about 12 ounces of wool from my sheep.  Her legs have no wires in them. They are needle felted very tightly. Interesting Elephant facts: The “breasts” of mother elephants are … Read more.

Mar 262012
The Evolution of an Elephant.

A very special Elephant! This Elephant is one of 3 Elephants commissioned by a client in California. This is the mother. Two offspring will be next. Now for some color! Today, I’m finishing the color and starting on the details (wrinkles, toenails, ears, etc). More photos later.

Feb 272012
Three Little Kittens

They didn’t lose their mittens!  These were commissioned by a friend for her husband on their Anniversary. I was able to incorporate each cat’s real fur into each sculpture. This kitty’s name is Tyson. I enjoyed creating this pose. This is Tailhook. He carried his tail in a large hook. Sadly, he passed away late in 2011. This … Read more.