Do you want a sculpture of your pet or favorite animal?

FarmGirl Arts commission Border Terrier Typically the dog and cat sculptures are around 3.5-4″ tall and up to 5″ long depending on the pose you choose. They take between 30 and 45 hours to create with most of the time spent on the head/face in order to capture the personality. Prices start at $400.00 and can go up based on complexities of color, coat and pose. For the most accurate portrait you will need to submit photos from every side including front and back and above with lots of facial close-ups and close-ups of any “beauty spots”, etc. Many times the real dog or cat’s fur can be incorporated into the sculpture for the coat treatment.

Contact Laura for price quotes on horses, elephants and other animals and sizes other than what is mentioned above or to set up a commissioned work. Your commission will be placed on the waiting list and you will be called when the commission before yours is started. At that time, a deposit of half the quoted price, all of your photographs and the pet’s fur/hair, if you want it used, will be due.

Contact form or by phone: 336-971-3834