Aug 202013

While these are not the professional photos, I just couldn’t wait to show “Dressage Horse” to you. As usual, there are no interior armatures. It is 100% homegrown wool.
(18″ L x 11″ H)

It’s been nearly a year since I began this investigation into action, detail and size of the horse. Working on this sculpture was relegated to time in between commissions and to markets. RightSide 5
Some folks have joked with me saying, “I remember when it was just a leg!”  FromAbove3 black I started with the legs because my deepest intention was to the power and energy of the movement of the extended trot in dressage.
HeadFront blue1
HeadFrontLeft 1

Communicating determination and elegance was a big goal as well. Having bred and trained horses in my teens and 20’s I have memories of muscles and movement my hands and body. Making those visible in this piece was the REAL challenge.

LeftSide half
The sculpture will remain “white” to allow the focus to be on the shape,  form, action and detail. I’m on the hunt for an elegant stand.

  22 Responses to “Dressage Horse (Totilas) Finished”

  1. absolutely stunning!

  2. I am humbled by your talent and blessed and enriched by you.

  3. You are such a talented artist

  4. Wow!! Laura, This piece is just amazing. You really have captured the power and dignity of the horse. I look forward to seeing it in person. You have certainly pushed the envelope for what can be done with needle felting.
    Congratulations, Betty

    • Thank you, Betty. Working on horses brings out the very best in me. I love them and can feel their energy coming through into the piece. It’s wild! I appreciate all the support you’ve given me!

  5. these are beutifull poetry in motion, do u do any other breeds, ie the cob?

  6. Just beatiful!! I never imagined that one could sculpt such energy and liveliness using needle felting. Quite remarkable.

  7. WOW. I must admit, although I am a jumper, this piece makes me want to start riding some of the dressage horses now. MAGNIFICANT !!! I can’t wait to see it in person.

  8. This piece is stunning! I could look at it forever. I am a dressage rider and I think you captured all that you set out to do beautifully. I absolutely love your work.

  9. i do not know how ong you have been doing this but it is fantastic work!

  10. Fantastic work!

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