Feb 182013

Kiwi 6

Meet Kiwi. He’s a lovable, sweet, energetic and smart Australian Shepherd owned by Marguerite Ostreicher’s son. This young man is attending college and misses Kiwi very much. So Marguerite had me sculpt Kiwi in wool as a Xmas gift for her son so he could have Kiwi with him. 


Kiwi has a favorite toy: a large red “Jolly Ball”. It’s his favorite toy ever. So “little Kiwi” had to have a jolly ball, too.

Kiwi 1


I was able to use Kiwi’s real fur for the exterior finish of the piece. I blended his fur and some dyed wool with my hand cards so it would felt to the surface of the 100% homegrown wool sculpture.

Kiwi 4Kiwi 3



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