Mar 212013

While sculpting black animals is easy enough,

photographing black needle felted sculptures of dogs is not.

2013-01-03 things 2013 009

2013-01-03 things 2013 005
Dylan Ducket is almost a year old.

Standard Poodle with lots of expression. 

I was asked to get the upward looking eyes.

I used some of his real fur for the exterior coat treatment.

8-16-2012 park and flowers 051

Oak Island Caolina Beach 8-18-2012 058


This is Zoo.

The real dog belongs to the granddaughter of a dear friend.

The sculpture was her recent birthday gift.

2013-03-06 001 2013-03-06 011 2013-03-06 012

I only had 3 photos to go by since it was a surprise.

I did work some of the real fur into the outer coat treatment though!


photo (3) photo


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