Jun 062012

This is Stoney Meadow Deva. In her 2 months, she has grown 4 inches of soft curly fleece!! She’s an Icelandic sheep and will need shearing twice a year. How cool is that. Well, it’s “cool” for me, but warm to hot for her!  She’s a real sweet heart. Her color is called “Grey Moorit, Spotted, Badger Face”. Icelandics have a billion color combinations. I have much to learn about their genetics!


This is Deva’s aunt, Stoney Meadow Candice. Since being sheared at the end of March, Candice has grown 3.5 inches of fleece. She is “Moorit Spotted”. Her fleece is coarser which will make for interesting spinning. She has a very sweet disposition.


Here are some photos of my assortment of heritage breed chickens and chicks. 

Hen and her chicks.      Sunbathing chicks.    Buff Orpington Rooster

Finally, the pets:

Max, the Maine Coon Cat

Rocket, the old timer, who has recovered from herniated discs in his neck!

And Mocha Latte, 1/2 Jack Russel Terrier and 1/2 American Staffordshire Terrier. She’s the guard dog. Completely scares off the squirrels, voles, moles and groundhogs, but ain’t about to go for the chicken thievin’ coyotes! Oh well, it’s a good thing she’s cute!

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