Apr 222013

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I received an invitation to make a piece of art for the “March Into Spring” exhibition at The Enrichment Center in Winston-Salem NC (up through May 10th). I have studied female imagery in art and mythology for several decades now and was interested in attempting to sculpt a human body in wool. I love the pregnant female form and know that it is often associated with fertility in primal cultures.

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In addition, I have become quite connected with “fertility” and “fecundity” through the planting and harvesting of our food crops and the breeding and raising of chickens and sheep. The invitation to participate in this spring show gave me an opportunity to explore my experiences and understandings via sculpture in wool.

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I began by shaping the fullness of pregnancy in the belly and then added the fullness of nourishment in the breasts. There was something that wanted to be unfurled from deep within the woman. I caught sight of a spiraling vine up from a seed nestled deep in the belly and I sculpted that.

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By attaching the lovely tiny Icelandic curls into the ends of the legs, arms and neck and laying the whole thing against a backdrop of brown Cotswold wool that had felted while on the sheep, I hoped to express the intertwining of my life with the lives of my sheep.

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  1. Fantastic!! I LOVE it!!

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